Dates17th-20th centuries
Person NameSeton-Karr of Kippilaw family; family
ActivityThe Seton-Karr of Kippilaw family stem from the Kers or Karrs of Yair, who were offshoots from the Borders Ker families. Colonel Andrew Ker or Karr (1620-1697) acquired the estate of Kippilaw (in Bowden parish, Roxburghshire) from the Kers of Yair in 1657. Andrew Karr of Kippilaw's grandson, John Karr (died 1746), changed the spelling of the surname from Ker to Karr and entailed the estate on to his sister, Catherine Karr, and her issue. On his death, his nephews, David Ramsay and Andrew Ramsay, both succeeded in turn to the estate and took the name Karr in addition to their own. Andrew died without issue in 1799. His sister, Jean Ramsay (1720-1760), married Daniel Seton, and their first son, John Seton, succeded to the Kippilaw estate on the death of his uncle, and also assumed the name Karr. He died in 1815 without issue, to be succeeded by his nephew, Andrew Seton (died 1833), who likewise assumed the name and arms of Karr. His eldest son, Rev John Seton-Karr (1813-1884) was succeeded by his nephew, Sir Henry Seton-Karr of Kippilaw (1853-1914).
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