Person NameAberdeen Volunteer Training Corps; 1915
ActivityThe Aberdeen Military Training Association was founded in November 1914, with the following objects: to encourage recruiting for and give every possible assistance to the armed forces of the Crown; to render such voluntary service to the Country as the Committee may consider advisable during the present emergency; and to provide military training for the men in Aberdeen and district who are ineligible on account of age, or who, for business or other reasons satisfactory to the Committee, are unable to enlist in the Regular Army or Territorial Forces. The Chairman was the Lord Provost and the committee consisted mainly of businessmen and retired soldiers, both officers and NCOs, living in Aberdeen. The Military Commandant was Colonel Lachlan MacKinnon, a member of the notable family of Aberdeen advocates. The Association was set up on lines somewhere between a charity and a military unit, with strict regulations and a minimum annual subscription. The Association changed its name in 1915 to Aberdeen Volunteer Training Corps: the existence, popularity and usefulness of such corps in the First World War led to the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers (later the Home Guard) in the Second World War.
Corporate NameAberdeen Volunteer Training Corps
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