Person NameSimson; Robert (1687-1768); professor of mathmatics
Epithetprofessor of mathmatics
ActivityRobert Simson (1687-1768), was Professor of Mathematics, University of Glasgow. Simson was the son of John Simson of Kirktonhall and Agnes Simson, daughter of Patrick Simson (1628-1715). Simson was educated by his uncle John Simson, Professor of Divinity and at Glasgow University, 1701-1711, graduating MA. He then spent a year studying mathematics in London. In 1711 he became Professor of Mathematics at Glasgow University and in 1746 he was awarded an honorary MD by St Andrews University. Simson retired in 1761. His publications include: 'Sectonionum Conicarum Libri V' (1735); 'Elements of Euclid' (1834); 'De Porismatibus Tractatus' (1776).
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