Person NameHetherington; Hector James Wright (1888-1965); university principal
ForenamesHector James Wright
Epithetuniversity principal
ActivitySir Hector James Wright Hetherington (1888-1965), principal of the University of Glasgow, was born in Cowdenbeath, the son of Thomas Hetherington, a chemist and JP, and Helen Mundell. Hetherington was educated at Dollar Academy and the University of Glasgow, 1905-1910, where he gained honours degrees in classics, philosophy, and economics. He won the Ferguson Scholarship in Philosopy, 1911.

Hetherington was a lecturer in moral philosophy, 1910-1914 and also secretary and warden to the Glasgow University Settlement. In 1914 he married Mary Ethel Alison Reid (d 1966). From 1914-1915, he was lecturer in philosophy at the University of Sheffield and from 1915-1920, and Professor of Logic and Philosophy at University College, Cardiff, 1915-1920. In 1920 he was appointed Principal and Professor of Philosophy of University College Exeter, and in 1924 he became Professor of Moral Philosophy at Glasgow University. Hetherington became the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, 1927, and Principal of the University of Glasgow, 1936-1961. Hetherington was associated with various trusts and foundations and sat on many boards and committees, holding office on more than fifty bodies. He was knighted, 1936, became KBE, 1948, and GBE, 1962. Hetherington's publications include: 'Social Purpose' (1918); 'International Labour Legislation' (1920); 'The Life and Letters of Sir Henry Jones' (1924).
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