Datesfl 1799-1829
Person NameBrewer; James Norris (fl 1799-1829); topographer and novelist
ForenamesJames Norris
Epithettopographer and novelist
ActivityEldest son of a merchant of London. He wrote many romances and topographical compilations, the best of the latter being his contributions to the series called the ‘Beauties of England and Wales.’ The titles of his works are as follows: 1. ‘A Winter's Tale, a romance,’ 1799, 4 vols. 12mo; 2nd edit., 1811. 2. ‘Some Thoughts on the Present State of the English Peasantry,’ 1807, 8vo. 3. ‘Secrets made Public, a novel,’ 4 vols., 1808, 12mo. 4. ‘The Witch of Ravensworth,’ 2 vols., 1808, 12mo. 5. ‘Mountville Castle, a Village Story,’ 3 vols., 1808, 12mo. 6. ‘A Descriptive and Historical Account of various Palaces and Public Buildings, English and Foreign; with Biographical Notices of their Founders or Builders, and other eminent persons,’ 1810, 4to. 7. ‘An Old Family Legend,’ 4 vols., 1811, 12mo. 8. ‘Sir Ferdinand of England, a romance,’ 4 vols., 1812, 12mo. 9. ‘Sir Gilbert Easterling, a romance,’ 4 vols. 12mo, 1813. 10. ‘History of Oxfordshire’ (‘Beauties of England and Wales’), 1813, 8vo. 11. ‘Warwickshire,’ 1814. 12. ‘Middlesex,’ 1816. 13. ‘Introduction to the Beauties of England and Wales, comprising observations on the Britons, the Romans in Britain, the Anglo-Saxons, the Anglo-Danes, and the Normans,’ 1818, 8vo. 14. ‘Histrionic Topography, or the Birthplaces, Residences, and Funeral Monuments of the most distinguished Actors,’ 1818, 8vo. 15. ‘The Picture of England, or Historical and Descriptive Delineations of the most curious Works of Nature and Art in each County,’ 1820, 8vo. 16. ‘The Delineations of Gloucestershire,’ 4to. 17. ‘The Beauties of Ireland,’ 1826, 2 vols. 8vo. 18. ‘The Fitzwalters, Barons of Chesterton; or Ancient Times in England,’ 1829, 4 vols. 12mo. Brewer was a contributor to the ‘Universal,’ ‘Monthly,’ and ‘Gentleman's’ magazines.
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