Person NameFire Brigade; 1800-2000
ActivityPrior to World War 1, the provision of fire services was primarily the responsibility of local authorities. The Fire Brigade Act, 1938 compelled local authorities to make provision for fire- fighting and fire prevention. A Fire Services Commission to review the services provided by fire authorities and a Scottish Central Advisory Council for Fire Services were appointed under the Act. During the 1939-45 War the Scottish Home Department became directly responsible for administering the National Fire Service, which was formed from local fire brigades and auxiliary fire service units under the Fire Service (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1941. The Fire Services Commission and Advisory Council were replaced by the Scottish Fire Commission, which was responsible for advising the Secretary of State from 1941 until its dissolution in 1948. The Fire Services Act, 1947, transferred to fire brigades maintained by local authorities the fire-fighting functions exercised since 1941 by the National Fire Service. HM Inspector of Fire Services reports annually to the Secretary of State on the efficiency of each brigade. The 1947 Act also provided for the establishment of a Scottish Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council, consisting of representatives of the local authorities and of all branches of the Service. The Department maintains the Scottish Fire Service Training School and, with the Home Office, is responsible for the Fire Service College.
Corporate NameFire Brigade
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