Person NameAmalgamated Engineering Union; 1920-1992
ActivityThe Amalgamated Society of Engineers (ASE) was founded in 1851. In the early years of the twentieth century there was a search for a structure of union federation which would be strong enough to win against employers, and this was intensified by wartime demands and problems which led to a high level of militancy amongst the ASE and other engineering unions immediately after the First World War. ASE membership almost doubled during the war, and amalgamation of some local branches of engineering unions had occurred and continued to function successfully after the war. All these factors led to the amalgamation of the ASE and many small local unions in 1920, to form the Amalgamated Engineering Union. In 1967 the AEU and the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers of Great Britain and Ireland merged to establish the Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers. Draughtsmen and construction engineers also joined the union and in 1971 the federation became known as the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers. The union changed its name to the Amalgamated Engineering Union in May 1986. It had over 850,000 members by 1988. The crisis in the union movement in the early 1990s, however, led to diminishing membership and power, and the AEU amalgamated again with the Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Plumbing Union (EETPU, with approximately 370,000 members in 1988) to form the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union (AEEU) on 1 May 1992. In 1995 it had a membership of 750,000.
Corporate NameAmalgamated Engineering Union
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