Person NameBurgh of Woodside Police Commissioners; 1868-1891
ActivityWoodside, to the north west of the centre of Aberdeen, became a distinct community around the middle of the eighteenth century and in 1868 was created a police burgh under the General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act 1862 (25 & 26 Vict., c.101). Burgh administration was carried out by police commissioners who were responsible for the cleansing, lighting, policing and public health of the burgh. The Burgh Hall was established in the old Woodside School. The main industry in the town was calico printing, for which reason it was commonly known as Printfield for many years, and later as Cotton. It was subsumed into the Burgh of Aberdeen along with the Burgh of Barony of Old Aberdeen in 1891, under the Aberdeen Corporation Act 1891 (54 & 55 Vict., ch.cxxiv), and is now a suburb of that city.
Corporate NameBurgh of Woodside Police Commissioners
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