Person NameAberdeen Burgh Road Trustees; 1865-1883
ActivityThe Burgh of Aberdeen Road Trust was set up by the Aberdeenshire Roads Act 1865 (28 & 29 Vict., ch.ccxl) to take on the duties relating to the roads, highways and bridges within the parliamentary burgh of Aberdeen. These had previously fallen under the ninth District of the Commutation Roads under the Aberdeen County Roads Act 1800 (39 & 40 Geo. III, ch.xxxii) and under the turnpike road provision of that act. The Trust was to be chaired by the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and the trustees consisted of a quorum of the baillies, the Dean of Guild, the Treasurer, the Master of Kirk and Bridgeworks, the Convenor of Incorporated Trades and the Provost of Old Aberdeen, as well as every person rated at a yearly rent of £100 sterling or above. They were allowed to assess and levy taxes for the upkeep of the roads and within the restrictions of the act could build new roads. Special provisions were made under the act for sharing responsibility for the Wellington Suspension Bridge with Kincardine County Turnpike Trustees. The Aberdeen County and Burgh Roads Act of 1883 (46 & 47 Vict., ch.viii) extended the 1865 act but also, following the Municipal Extension Act 1871 (34 & 35 Vict., ch.cxli), transferred the powers and duties of the Burgh Road Trustees to the Town Council, and the Trust was abolished.
Corporate NameAberdeen Burgh Road Trustees
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