JurisdictionNigg Parish
Person NameNigg Parish; Wellington Bridge Trustees; 1829-1883
ActivityThe Wellington Bridge Trust was set up by the Wellington Suspension Bridge and Road Act 1829 (10 Geo. IV, ch.xliii) to build the bridge and the roads leading to it. The trustees were the proprietors of land valued at over £100 Scots in the parish of Nigg, together with subscribers to the scheme. The Act enabled the trustees to build the roads, bridge and toll houses and to levy tolls. It ran for thirty-one years, and was renewed by the Wellington Suspension Bridge and Road Act 1860 (23 & 24 Vict., ch.xxvi). Responsibility for the maintenance of the southern half of Wellington Bridge and the approach road passed from the trustees to Kincardine Road Trustees on the abolition of turnpike roads in Kincardineshire in 1878. Responsibility for maintenance of the northern half of the bridge and the approach road in Aberdeenshire was disputed, and the case eventually went to the House of Lords. The result was the Abedeen County and Burgh Roads Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict., ch.viii), which transferred responsibility for the bridge to Aberdeen Town Council. The act also obliged the Town Council to remove the toll house at the northern end of the bridge, and to provide free access. The bridge was closed to vehicles over eight tons in 1928, and was gradually superseded by other bridges over the Dee in the area.
Corporate NameWellington Bridge Trustees
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