Person NameAberdeen County Commutation Road Trustees, 9th District; 1800-1865
ActivityThe Aberdeen County Roads Act 1800 (39 & 40 Geo. III, ch.xxxii) was passed ‘for regulating the making and repairing of the Turnpike and Commutation Roads in the County of Aberdeen’. This act divided the county into nine districts, of which the ninth contained ‘the town of Aberdeen, the lands and fishings situate within the freedom and liberties thereof; those parts of the parish of Old Machar, lying south of the river Don, and the salmon fishings on the Nether Don, rated in the cess books of the said county; and that the parishes of St. Fergus, Gamery, Inverkeithney, Keith, and Mortlick; those parts of the parishes of Alva and Rothiemay lying south of the river Doveran; parts of the parishes of Cairney, Glass, and Cabroch; the barony of Fetterangus in the parish of Old Deer; the barony of Gairtly in the parish of Gairtly; and the lands of Straloch in the parish of New Machar, although rated in the cess books of the county of Banff, shall nevertheless be comprehended in this act, and shall be held and considered as making part of the respective districts within which they are locally situated’. In order to pay for the roads of the burgh, a separate provision was made: the Provost, four baillies, the Dean of Guild, the treasurer and the convener of the trades of the burgh along with the tenants and occupiers in the burgh should be rated yearly. The act gave powers to widen roads, rebuild bridges and lay footpaths, and to establish and enforce regulations for the use thereof. Though the part relating to turnpike roads expired in 1821, the part relating to commutation roads was taken to be perpetual. It was in fact repealed by the Aberdeenshire Roads Act 1865 (28 & 29 Vict., ch.ccxl), which separated the ‘roads, highways and bridges, as are situate within the Parliamentary boundaries of the Burgh of Aberdeen’ and placed them under the control of a separate Burgh Road Trust.
Corporate NameAberdeen County Commutation Road Trustees, 9th District
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