Person NameSt Paul's Street School, Aberdeen; 1878-1982
ActivityEast Parish School was the parish school for St Clement’s parish in Aberdeen from at least 1845: it may have been founded around 1843. St Paul Street was a highly populated area and the few schools were overcrowded. It became known as St Paul's Street School, under the jurisdiction of Aberdeen School Board, by 1878, and was rebuilt to accommodate more children in 1897. When the age limit for compulsory education was raised, St Paul Street remained a junior school, feeding pupils to the local Middle School. It continued to function on the same site during considerable changes in the area, which became more commercial and less residential. The school finally closed in 1982. The street, which lies off the Gallowgate, has been much redeveloped and there is no trace of the school or its buildings left.
Corporate NameSt Paul's Street School, Aberdeen
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