Person NameUnited Free Church Synod of Aberdeen; 1901-1929
ActivitySynods, or Provincial Synods, were courts of the Church of Scotland which came between presbyteries and the General Assembly. The Free Church, breaking off from the established Church of Scotland in 1843, took with it the structure of presbytery, synod and General Assembly to run their new church. They carried this through the union with the United Presbyterian Church in 1900. Synods met mostly twice a year, and could hear appeals against decisions from presbyteries. Synods comprised all (both ministers and representative elders) who were on the rolls of the presbyteries within the synods; and there might have been corresponding members from neighbouring synods. The Synod’s main officials were a moderator (effectively chairman) and a Synod officer, as well as one or more clerks. Funds for their work came from an assessment levied on congregations within their bounds.

Duties of the Synod included examination of Presbytery records, after which a report would be sent to the United Free Church General Assembly touching on matters including the quinquennial investigation, special visitation of congregations (if required), and supervision of general Schemes of the Church. The Synod’s own records would be examined by the General Assembly.

The Synods of the United Free Church became united with those of the established Church of Scotland in 1929 on the union of the two churches.
Corporate NameUnited Free Church Synod of Aberdeen
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