Person NameCrombie-Ross Trusts; 1920-; charitable trusts
Epithetcharitable trusts
ActivityThe J and J Crombie Limited Trust Fund was established in 1920 in a deed of gift by the directors of J and J Crombie Limited, Grandholm Works. The deed appointed the directors of the Company to hold preference and ordinary shares to the value of £13,500 for sale and transfer to employees, to those in active management of the business or useful to the company. Funds accrued by the Trust could be deployed for purposes likely to be advantageous to the employees of the company or to their dependents. The restriction on the disposal of shares was waived in 1925 and all the shares in the company were sold to Salts of Saltaire. The name of the trust then changed to the Crombie-Ross (1920) Grandholm Trust. Henceforth, charitable organisations, which had previously applied to directors of the company for donations, were advised to apply to the Crombie-Ross (1920) Grandholm Trust, as the directors no longer had individual interests in J and J Crombie Limited. The J and J Crombie Limited Trust was wound up on 2 March 1927. Its funds were transferred to two newly-established trusts, the Crombie-Ross Grandholm Works Trust and the Crombie-Ross Benevolent Fund Trust. Funds under the control of the Crombie-Ross Grandholm Works Trust were to be applied directly for the benefit of the employees of J and J Crombie Limited. The Crombie-Ross Benevolent Fund Trust was established to apply revenue and capital in assisting any charitable organisation in the City and County of Aberdeen, with due consideration to the workers and inhabitants of the Grandholm and Woodside districts. The Crombie-Ross Grandholm Works Trust was discontinued in 1951 and its funds transferred to the Crombie-Ross Benevolent Funds Trust.
Corporate NameCrombie-Ross Trusts
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