Dates -1996
JurisdictionCity of Aberdeen District Council
Person NameCity of Aberdeen District Council; Town Clerk's Office; -1996
ActivityOne of the oldest departments in local government in Aberdeen, the Town Clerk’s office stems from the original division of the Burgh Council into the Chamberlain’s Office, which dealt with financial matters, and the Town Clerk’s Office, which dealt with everything else. The Town Clerk was appointed from among the town’s lawyers and always had some form of legal qualification: often it was a part-time post. When the appointment of a Chief Executive was made following the recommendations accompanying local government reforms in 1975, the Chief Executive and the Town Clerk effectively shared a department, the Chief Executive and Town Clerk’s Department. Legal duties were hived off into a new Legal and Administrative Department, though the Town Clerk retained the City Archive. From 1989, when purely local reorganisation took place, the Town Clerk’s department was once again separate and dealt with personnel, IT, the City Archive and policy and performance review. Many of its functions passed to Legal and Corporate Services in 1996, and the Town Clerk’s Department ceased to exist.
Corporate NameTown Clerk's Office
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