Person NameSt Margaret's Church and Convent, Aberdeen; 1863-; Episcopal church and convent
EpithetEpiscopal church and convent
ActivitySt Margaret’s Episcopal Church and Convent were founded in Aberdeen in 1863 by the Reverend John Comper, minister at St John’s Episcopal Church. An energetic clergyman, he wanted to organise work with the poor in the city but felt that women helping him could not pass through the poor areas of the city safely unless they were protected by some kind of uniform, and he therefore had the idea of introducing nuns into the Episcopal Church. He invited a member of the Sisters of East Grinstead, an Anglican order working with the poor, to work in Aberdeen, and she became the founding member of the convent, soon joined by other volunteers. They acquired premises in the Gallowgate on the site where St Margaret’s Church is now established, and began to run services and schools for local children. A church choir was organised, and Mr Comper moved permanently from St John’s to work at the mission. The position was raised to that of an incumbency in 1871, and in 1874 the sisters purchased property on the Spital, nearby, to found St Martha’s Home and Chapel from which they continued their support of the mission to the poor. St Margaret’s Convent, which now stands on the same site, was designed by the architect Ninian Comper, John Comper’s son. The mission’s school chapel was consecrated as a church in 1879. In 1898 Mr Comper retired but remained as chaplain to the convent until his death in 1903. The church and convent are still active today: the church is notable for being of a High Church tendency, and for its continued work amongst the poor in the city.
Corporate NameSt Margaret's Church and Convent, Aberdeen
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