Person NameAberdeen; Trinity Free Church; 1843-1900
ActivityTrinity Church, Aberdeen was founded around 1750 as a missionary chapel on the site of the old convent built by the Brethren of the Holy Trinity or Red Friars in 1211. The first minister was Robert Doig, admitted in 1794. David Simpson, a graduate of Marischal College, Aberdeen, was admitted in 1825 and in 1843, the year of the Disruption within the Church of Scotland, led his whole congregation out to form Trinity Free Church. (The original Trinity Church was closed and sold in 1846, although a new parish was created in 1877 by disjunction from Aberdeen: St Nicholas and a new church built.) Trinity Free Church was soon built in Crown Street, Aberdeen, and the membership in 1848 was 803. It had increased to 874 by 1900. Following the amalgamation of the United Presbyterian Church and the Free Church in 1900 Trinity became a United Free Church charge. On the union of the United Free Church with the Church of Scotland in 1929, Trinity United Free joined with the Church of Scotland Trinity Church, and retained the name Trinity. Trinity Church continued until a union of Aberdeen St Mark's and Trinity on 3 June 1981, when Trinity ceased to exist. The Free Church's building was sold and although the fa├žade remains, the building is now flats.
Corporate NameTrinity Free Church
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