Person NameRobert Gordon's Hospital; 1732-; Educational establishment
EpithetEducational establishment
ActivityRobert Gordon’s Hospital was founded in 1732 under the will of Robert Gordon, a Danzig merchant and native of Aberdeen, as a residential educational establishment for the sons of poor burgesses and others. It was remodelled in 1881 under the Aberdeen (Endowed Institutions) Provisional Order as a non-residential boys’ school, empowered to teach young people and adults of both sexes in day and evening classes in scientific and other subjects. In 1884, Aberdeen College of Art became part of Robert Gordon’s College. In 1903 Robert Gordon’s College became a Scottish Central Institution. From 1909 Robert Gordon’s Technical College (Scottish Central Institution) and Robert Gordon’s College (a fee-paying boys’ secondary school) co-existed on one site under one headmaster (until 1920) and one board of Governors (until 1981). The Technical College became Robert Gordon’s College of Technology in 1965, empowered to award CNAA-validated degrees from 1967. In 1991 the name was changed to The Robert Gordon Institute of Technology, and in 1992 the Institute became the Robert Gordon University with various sites in North-East Scotland. Robert Gordon’s College, the school still on its site on Schoolhill, Aberdeen, is now co-educational.
Corporate NameRobert Gordon's Hospital
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