Person NamePeterkins; 1978-; Advocates and solicitors, Aberdeen
EpithetAdvocates and solicitors, Aberdeen
ActivityThe origins of the firm Peterkins lie with Alexander Stronach, a son of the manse born in 1793. He was an alumnus of King’s College, Aberdeen, and became a member of the Society of Advocates in the town in 1818. He set up business in King Street, Aberdeen, in 1825, and took on as his apprentice Charles Grainger, who was from Sussex but was an alumnus of Marischal College, Aberdeen (1830 - 1834). Grainger joined the Society of Advocates in 1837 and became Stronach’s business partner, but left for America around 1855 and Stronach took on a new partner, Peter Duguid. Duguid had been born in London in 1829 and attended Marischal College from 1844 to 1847. He had been apprenticed in Aberdeen but then worked in Edinburgh, then returned to join the Society of Advocates in 1855. He was an expert in heraldry, and inherited substantial estates from his father in 1890, becoming Peter Duguid-McCombie around that time. The firm were factors for Robert Gordon’s Hospital and Mitchell’s Hospital in Aberdeen. By 1880, now in Union Street, the firm had taken on another two partners, Henry Peterkin, a solicitor, and Charles Duncan, an advocate and notary public who had already been working on his own in Aberdeen. He had been born there in 1831, attended Marischal College in the 1840s, and joined the Society of Advocates in 1854. Alexander Stronach died in 1880 and the firm became Duguid, Peterkin and Duncan, back in King Street again by 1890. Charles Duncan had four sons and three daughters, and two of the sons became advocates. William Oswald Duncan was born in Aberdeen in 1865, graduated BA at Cambridge, and was apprenticed to both Peter Duguid and Henry Peterkin. He joined the Society of Advocates in 1890. He served in the South African War of 1900 - 1901, and was a Major in the 1st. Volunteer Battalion the Gordon Highlanders. His brother, Macbeth Moir Duncan, was born in Aberdeen in 1866 and copied his brother in both his degree and his apprenticeship. He was Major commanding the 2nd City of Aberdeen Battery, 1st Highland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, and joined the Society of Advocates in 1891. Both joined the firm, and when Peter Duguid retired in 1895 the firm became Peterkin and Duncans. Duguid died in 1910, by which time the firm had moved to Bridge Street (in 1891) and was about to move again to 21 Golden Square, Aberdeen. Henry Peterkin, who was honorary Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen, died in 1914. Charles Duncan Peterkin, son of Henry Peterkin, was born in Aberdeen in 1887 and graduated from Aberdeen University MA in 1908 and LLB in 1911. He joined the Society of Advocates in 1914 and was made a partner in the firm. He served with the 4th Battalion the Gordon Highlanders during the First World War. William Oswald Duncan died in 1934 and his brother Macbeth Moir died around 1942, after which Charles Duncan Peterkin seems to have run the business as sole partner until his retirement in 1960. He died in 1962. The firm remained as Peterkin and Duncans, advocates, until around 1978, when it became Peterkins Solicitors. It continues to trade from the Golden Square address and other branches today.
Corporate NamePeterkins
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