JurisdictionEpiscopal Church of Scotland
Person NameEpiscopal Church of Scotland; Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney; 1865-
ActivityThe earliest Bishop of Aberdeen within the Episcopal Church of Scotland in the Diocese of Aberdeen was appointed in 1682, and thereafter until 1865 there was a continous presence of bishops except for the years 1715-1721. The Diocese of Orkney, however, had a bishop only from 1688 to 1699, and the see was thereafter administered at varying times by the bishops of Caithness, Ross or Moray. The dioceses were united in 1865 and the present Bishop, Bishop Bruce Cameron, is the tenth bishop of the united Diocese and, since November 2000, the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church. The Diocese has a companionship link with the Diocese of Connecticut dating back to 1784 when Samuel Seabury was consecrated in Aberdeen as the first Bishop in the United States. The Bishop of Connecticut is the Right Reverend Andrew D Smith. The diocese’ second companionship link is with the Diocese of St John’s, South Africa.

The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney is in the north-east of Scotland and comprises the City of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, a small part of Moray and the island groups of Orkney and Shetland. There are forty-five congregations and two religious communities - the Sisters of Saint Margaret in Aberdeen and the Society of Our Lady of the Isles in Shetland.
Corporate NameDiocese of Aberdeen and Orkney
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