Person NameDalkeith; Incorporation of Hammermen; 1694-1863
ActivityThe Incorporation of Hammermen was constituted in 1694 as a friendly society, with a system of quarterly payments. The elected office-bearers were the Deacon, his Assistant, a Treasurer, two Quarter Masters, two Key-Keepers and a Secretary, and eight Visiting Members who were responsible for visiting the sick members of the society within the Dalkeith area. New members had to pay from five shillings to £1 10s. to become a member (depending upon their relationship to other members) and had to prove their professional abilities. There was a four year apprenticeship. Members were eligible to apply for assistance from the society's funds after a week of incapacity and would receive 5 shillings per week for the first 13 weeks, three shillings for the next thirteen weeks and then two shillings per week thereafter. There was also a death benefit of £3 for a member or £2 for his wife, which was raised by a special subscription from all the members. A widow's pension of £1 5s. per annum was paid, as long as she remained of good character. The society was dissolved in 1863 when the membership had fallen to thirty and the subscriptions could no longer cover the costs of the allowances. The assets were sold and the balance divided between the members and pensioners.
Corporate NameIncorporation of Hammermen
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