Person NameBallantyne family; family; Dalkeith
ActivityDr Alexander Ballantyne (1838-1916) was born in Chorley, Lancashire, the son of John Ballantyne of Dalkeith Nurseries. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University and in Berlin. He was assistant to Dr Anderson, Selkirk for seven years and then studied in Vienna for two years, returning to practice in Dalkeith. In 1860 he joined the Royal College of Surgeons and became an MD. He was a member of the BMA, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, and a member of the Harveian Society and the Obstetrical Society. Ballantyne was Medical Officer of Health for Dalkeith and visiting doctor at the Dalkeith Combination Poorhouse, and was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1898. His son, Dr Harold S Ballantyne, took over the practice in 1911. He had two other sons, John A Ballantyne and Commander Ernest O Ballantyne, who drowned at sea in 1915.
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