Person NameLucas family; family
ActivityDr John Lucas (1807-1869) was the first of the family to come to Midlothian. His grandfather, William Lucas, who was married to Jean Stirling, was a farmer near Logie. Dr Lucas' father, Robert (1769-1835) was born at Logie and in 1787, when he was 17, was apprenticed to William Reid, merchant of Edinburgh, for five years. In 1797 Robert, who was at that time a grocer in Blackfriars, Edinburgh, became a burgess and Guild Brother of the City of Edinburgh. In 1824 the family moved to the New Town.John Lucas, who had a brother and two sisters, became a Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1826 and gained an MD from Edinburgh University, 1828. Sometime after 1835 he moved to Gorebridge, and in 1841 he married Sarah Ferme (d 1898) with whom he had two sons and two daughters. In 1860 Lucas was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Second Edinburgh County Rifle Volunteer Corps, he was Medical Officer to the Parochial Board, and a member of the Scientific Association (1848), becoming their Vice-President in 1887.

Dr John Lucas' son Robert (1846-1905) was educated at Dalkeith High School and Edinburgh Academy, graduating from Edinburgh University as Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery, 1867. He then became assistant to a Dr Wilson of Gateshead, until returning to take over his father's practice in 1869. Robert graduated MD in 1870, was elected to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 1878 and made a Fellow in 1892. In 1873 he was appointed surgeon (with the rank of major) to the Royal Scots, rising to become Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel. In 1878, he married Margaret Elliot Paterson from Dalkeith and they had four sons. Dr Robert Lucas was elected a Commissioner of Police for Dalkeith, 1888, Junior Magistrate, 1896 and, in 1899, Chief Magistrate and Provost of Dalkeith, a post he held until his retiral in 1902.

Frederick Richard Lucas (1884-1955), the eldest of Robert's children, was educated at George Watson's College, studied medicine at Edinburgh University and, by the time he left university, was a captain in the 9th Volunteer Battalion, Royal Scots. He passed the qualification for the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal Faculty of Physicians in 1913 and became a ship's surgeon. From 1914 he served in the trenches and, in 1917, was mentioned in dispatches. After the First World War he again became a ship's surgeon, until 1921 when he became Senior Hospital Medical Officer at the University College of London Hospital. He had a life long interest in Scouting, becoming Chief Scout commissioner.

Frederick Lucas' brother, Robert Ferme Lucas, was educated at George Watson's College and served with the Royal Artillery in the First World War. He later lived in Dalkeith, becoming manager of the Bank of Scotland. He was interested in local history and was the third generation to become an elder in the West Church, Dalkeith.
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