Person NameDon-Wauchope of Edmonstone family; family
ActivityJohn Wauchope, advocate, the second son of Sir John Wauchope of Niddrie, was christened in 1633. He received a charter of the lands of Edmonstone in 1671, having acquired the estate through his marriage to Anna, the daughter of James Rait of Edmonstone. In 1672 he was appointed a Lord of Session but was removed from the bench in 1688 for voting against a plan to educate the marquis of Montrose as a Catholic. He died in 1709 and was succeeded first by his son John, then by his son Andrew, neither of whom married. The estate then passed to their nephew, John Don, who was son of Anne Wauchope and Patrick Don of Auldtouneburn, third son of Sir Alexander Don, 1st Bart., of Newton Don (died c. 1687). John Don assumed the name of Wauchope, but he also died unmarried, in 1732, to be succeeded by his brother James, who also assumed the name Wauchope on succeeding to Edmonstone. His great-grandson, Sir John Don-Wauchope (1816-1893), succeeded his father in 1837, and in 1862 succeeded his kinsman Sir William Henry Don, 7th Bart., of Newton as 8th Bart. The present head of the family currently lives abroad.
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