Person NameDr. Bell's Trust; 1831-1887
ActivityIn 1831 Dr Andrew Bell (1753-1832) gifted £10,000 to Inverness Town Council for the establishment of a school. Dr Andrew Bell was born in St Andrews in 1753. In 1774 he emigrated to Virginia where he tutored and dealt in tobacco and currency. In 1781 he returned to St Andrews. Subsequently he took Orders in the Church of England and became curate in Leith. In 1787 he emigrated to India where he amassed a fortune of £26,000 and developed a system of teaching to become known as the Madras or Monitorial System. In 1797 he returned to the United Kingdom. In 1831 Dr Bell's Trust was formed to administer his educational gift. In 1839 the Trust acquired the site of Farraline Park and foundations were laid in the same year. Farraline Park School opened in 1841 and was closed in 1937. In 1887 the school became controlled by Academy Directors and in 1888 by the Inverness Burgh School Board.
Corporate NameDr. Bell's Trust
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