JurisdictionGreat Britain
Person NameGreat Britain; Ordnance Survey; 1791-
ActivityThe Ordnance Survey was founded in 1791 by Charles Lennox (1735 - 1806), 3rd. Duke of Richmond, Master-General of the Board of Ordnance 1782 - 1795. The need for an accurate survey of Britain had become apparent 46 years earlier when George II had commissioned a military survey of the Scottish Highlands in 1746 following the Jacobite Rebellion. The first Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain date from 1801 with the publication of the 1 inch map of Kent. The marketing of maps for civilian use began in 1914 and coincided with an increase in outdoor pursuits such as cycling and walking. During the First and Second World Wars, the Ordnance Survey returned to its military role but following the end of each war, civilian needs again became important. In 1938, the report of the Davidson Committee recommended the re-surveying of Britain and introduced the mapping scales that are currently in use. The Ordnance Survey became a civilian organisation in 1983 but remains a government department.
Corporate NameOrdnance Survey
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