JurisdictionInverness District Office
Person NameInverness District Office; Customs and Excise
ActivityThe local work of the Boards of Customs and Excise was carried out by staff stationed in customs outports and excise districts. Although in many instances officials from both Boards were stationed in the same locations, the administrative structures of the two Boards were not identical. The Customs Board established outports which reported directly to the Board in either Edinburgh or London, and which in some cases had supervisory responsibility for subordinate ports or creeks. Perth Outport was responsible for the creeks of Earn Mouth, Inchture and the Pow of Errol with Newburgh as a ‘remote creek’. Excise was administered by local collections which were sub-divided into districts and divisions. Although the districts and divisions were subordinate to the collection, in many instances they also communicated directly with the Board in Edinburgh or London. Local officers frequently maintained shipping registers and sea fishing registers on behalf of the Registrar-General of Seamen and Shipping.
Corporate NameCustoms and Excise
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