Person NameInverness Harbour Trust; 1847-
ActivityIn 1591 a charter by James VI (1566-1625) prevented ships from unloading cargo at any place inside Tarbet Ness, except at Inverness. A quay was built between the Railway Viaduct and Waterloo Bridge by the Town Council during the seventeenth century at a cost of £300. In 1718 the Town Council obtained permission from Parliament to raise funds for further improvement of the harbour and for enlarging the parish church. Between 1725 and 1732 a new quay was built at Shore Street, although not completed. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the Old and New Quay were repaired and the harbour cleared of stones. The Inverness Harbour Act (1847) constituted a Harbour Trust which took over responsibility for the Harbour from Inverness Town Council and carried out improvements. The Trust consisted of 17 trustees; 7 Town Councillors, 5 ship owners and 5 merchant traders. The harbour flourished from 1847 to 1863 until a decline in traffic following the extension of the railway north of Inverness. In 1883 the Harbour Trustees built a new quay, improved the berths, laid a line of railway and deepened the channel. These improvements prompted the return of large merchant vessels. In 1899 the harbour was again extended and improved.
Corporate NameInverness Harbour Trust
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