Person NameBoard of Trade, Business Statistics Office; 1621-1970
ActivityIn 1621 a committee of enquiry entitled 'The Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations' was established by King James I of Great Britain and Ireland and the privy council. It was, however, abolished in 1782. In 1784 William Pitt recreated the committee on Trade and Foreign Plantations. This committee was the origin of the Board of Trade. The Board's role was to provide advice concerning economic matters relating to the United Kingdom and to the Commonwealth. It also acquired responsibility for legislative matters concerning patents, designs and trade marks, company regulation, labour and factory issues, control of merchant shipping, mines, transport, agriculture, power and civil aviation. Some of these functions were subsequently assumed by other governmental bodies such as; 1889 Board of Agriculture; 1918 Ministry of Labour; 1920 Ministry of Transport; 1938 Ministry of Food; 1942 Ministry of Fuel and Power; 1964 Ministry of Technology. In 1970 the Board of Trade and the Ministry of Technology were replaced by the Department of Trade and Industry.
Corporate NameBoard of Trade, Business Statistics Office
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