Person NameThe Crofters Commission; 1955-
ActivityIn 1883, the Government set up a Royal Commission to find out more about crofting. The Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886 which established rights for crofters was passed as a result. The Act gave crofters the rights to a reasonable rent, to pass their croft on to their families and if the crofter decided to give up the tenancy of his croft, the Act also stated that they would have to be paid for any improvements made to it. It also set up a Crofters Commission as a fore runner of the modern organisation. The present day Crofters Commission was established in 1955 to develop and regulate the crofting system and to promote the interests of crofters. The new Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 makes the Commission responsible for overseeing legislation and for developing crofting. The Crofters Commission advises Scottish Ministers to ensure that the Government is aware of issues relating to crofting.
Corporate NameThe Crofters Commission
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