Person NameDores and Bona Free Church; 1847-
ActivityIn 1843 over 450 ministers seceded from the Church of Scotland in protest against state infringement of the spiritual independence of the Established Church formed the Free Church of Scotland. This was known as the Disruption. In 1900 the Free Church of Scotland united with the United Presbyterian Church to form the United Free Church. Some congregations, however, did not participate in this union and continued as the Free Church. In 1929 the majority of United Free Church congregations reunited with the Church of Scotland, although the United Free Church is still in existence as an organisation in its own right. Dores and Bona Free Church was built at Lochend in 1846. In 1900 Dores and Bona Free Church united with the United Presbyterian Church to become Dores and Bona United Free Church. The minister of the former, John Fraser, became minister of the united congregation which continued to meet in the Lochend Free Church building. By 1902 extensive repairs were required to the church building and these were completed in 1903. In 1904 John Fraser left Bona for Kilmuir Easter in Easter Ross. In the same year, following a ruling by the House of Lords that the Free Church still existed independently and that there had in fact been no union with the United Presbyterian Church, the Dores and Bona United Free congregation were dispossessed of their newly renovated church which was considered therefore to have remained the property of the Free Church. Subsequently the Bona United Free congregation had no minister, no church, no manse and little money. They continued to meet at temporary places of worship including a school and a barn. In November 1908 Lochend Villa was purchased by the church and used as the place of worship. In 1929, following the union with the Church of Scotland, Dores and Bona United Free Church became Bona Church of Scotland. Dores Church was an existing Church of Scotland and residents of Dores could therefore attend that church. In 1942 both churches were united under one minister as Dores and Bona Church of Scotland. In 1970 they were once again disjoined and Bona Church of Scotland this time united with Dalneigh congregation.
Corporate NameDores and Bona Free Church
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