Person NameNairn Congregational Church; 1801-
ActivityThe congregation of Nairn Congregational Church first met on 24 May 1801. The first regular preacher was John Ferguson, from 1802-1803. He was succeeded by William McKay, who preached to the congregation from 1803-1804. James Dewar led worship from 1804-1805 and was ordained the first pastor of the church on 16 July 1806. He died on 10 December 1842. In 1804 a chapel was erected funded by Robert Haldane, Edinburgh, at the academy at which James Dewar received his education for the ministry. A new chapel was erected in Crescent Road/King Street, to which the congregation moved in 1862. The Leslie Legacy was established with the purpose of supplementing the Minister's salary.
Corporate NameNairn Congregational Church
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