Person NameNairn Fishermen’s Society; 1767-
ActivityNairn Fishermen's Society was established in 1767 for the relief of its members and their widows. Members admitted were seamen of an 'irreproachable character and in a vigorous state of health'. Members paid a membership fee and quarterly subscription. A committee originally called the Managers of the Box was appointed to run the society under the guidance of a Preses, elected for life from the patriarchs of the community. From 1888 meetings were held in the Seamen's Hall. Two members of the society were elected annually as Key Keepers, there being two locks on the funds box. The funds box was kept in the Preses house. In 1882 the clerk absconded with the box and funds and thereafter the money was kept at the bank. As well as providing gifts of money, the society also made loans to its members. The society was still operational in 1989.
Corporate NameNairn Fishermen’s Society
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