Person NameInverness Sea Cadet Corps; 1914-
ActivityThe Sea Cadets are a uniformed and disciplined youth movement based upon the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy. Soldiers returning from the Crimean War, 1853-1856, formed Naval Lads Brigades to help male orphans in British ports, the first of which was established at Whitstable, Kent. In 1910 the Navy League, a national organisation which supported the Royal Navy, adopted the Naval Lads Brigades and in 1914, with financial support from the Admiralty, the Sea Cadet Corps was formed. Sea Cadets served in both world wars. At present there are 400 units across the nation and many of these training ships are based in inner city areas. Training is based on seamanship and traditional maritime skills. Cadets study engineering, communications, cookery, computers, band music and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. They also go to sea aboard Royal Navy Ships, attend courses at Naval bases and participate in national events. The Corps is jointly sponsored by the Royal Navy and by the Sea Cadet Association, a national charity. The International Sea Cadet Association is an international network of nautical associations.
Corporate NameInverness Sea Cadet Corps
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