Person NameInverness Arts Guild; 1971-
ActivityInverness Arts Centre opened in 1951 to allow users to develop a greater knowledge of the fine arts and to develop an arts centre for cultural and artistic activities. Inverness Arts Guild was formed as a successor to Inverness Arts Centre in 1971 and took over the assets of the latter. Inverness Arts Guild was promoted by Inverness Town Council to encourage the study, practice and knowledge of the fine arts in Inverness and district. The guild also assisted with and organised stage plays, concerts, art exhibitions and other educational, cultural and artistic presentations. Inverness Arts Centre had been located in the former Farraline Park School, Inverness, (now Inverness Library), which had been leased to the Arts Centre. However, extensive building work was required in order to maintain the building as a place of public entertainment and the Arts Centre disbanded. Following building work undertaken by Inverness Town Council, part of the building was leased to Inverness Arts Guild as the Little Theatre and was intended as an interim measure before completion of the new Eden Court Theatre, Inverness. For the first year of the Inverness Arts Guild a grant was provided by Inverness Town Council, to defray expenses. Both individual and corporate members were accepted by the guild.
Corporate NameInverness Arts Guild
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