Person NameClan Chisholm Society; 1951-
ActivityThe Clan Chisholm Society was established in 1951 by Mairi Chisholm of Chisholm (1896-1981), daughter of Roderick Chisholm of Chisholm (formerly Gooden Chisholm), who became chief of the Clan Chisholm in 1929, and of his wife Margaret Chisholm Fraser, daughter of Colonel William Fraser of Culbokie and Guisachan. In 1951 Mairi Chisholm organised a Clan Chisholm tent for the all clans gathering which was held in Murrayfield, Edinburgh, as part of the Festival of Britain. It was decided to form a Clan Chisholm Society there and then and the society was inaugurated on 22 November 1951. The first meeting was held in September the following year. By 1952 branches had been formed in Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and Inverness. The aims of the society are to promote and foster Clan spirit, to keep members of the clan in touch with one another throughout the world, to encourage the study and preservation of the history, folk lore, literature, music, treasure and traditions of the Clan Chisholm, to maintain a connection of the clan with its ancestral home and to preserve objects of historical or cultural interest to the clan. Members admitted are all children and grandchildren of persons born a Chisholm and all men and women married to a Chisholm. The society counts members from all over the world. The society was governed by a clan council consisting of office bearers and elected representatives. From 1952 an annual news bulletin was published, the format of which changed in 1960 to become the Journal of the Clan Chisholm, consisting of articles concerning the history and contemporary culture of the clan and its members. In addition, the society published historical and other works. The Clan Chisholm Society hosts an annual clan gathering. This was held in Inverness in 1959. The society continues its existence in 2002.
Corporate NameClan Chisholm Society
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