Person NameA.I. Welders Ltd; 1872-; Inverness
ActivityIn 1872 a group of Inverness businessmen under the Chairmanship of Cluny MacPherson, formed the Northern Agricultural and Implement Foundry Co. Ltd. The purpose of the company was to centralise the manufacture of agricultural implements in Inverness. By 1895 the Northern Agricultural and Implement Foundry had amalgamated with Smith and Mackay's Rose Street Foundry to become Rose Street Foundry and Engineering Co. Ltd., Inverness. In 1908 the company built the Thornbush Slipway and undertook the construction and repair of fishing and coastal vessels. In 1910 the firm's fist purpose built steam drifter was launched from Thornbush. At the Rose Street premises, the company designed and built triple expansion engines and from 1911 electric submersible pumps for use on warships. The company also installed Great Britain's first automatic telephone exchange at Skibo Castle. In the early 1920's the company bought the almost defunct business of A.I. Manufacturing Co., Bradford, which possessed a patent for resistance welding and which thereafter became a subsidiary company under the name of A.I. Electric Welding Co. Ltd. A sales office was opened in London in 1922. The Rose Street Foundry closed c 1930. In 1945 A.I. Electric Welding Co. Ltd changed its name to Resistance Welders Ltd. In 1973 the business was taken over by E.C. Holdings, and in 1985 by Verson International becoming Verson A.I. Welders. In 1991 Verson International closed down the company. However, A.I. Welders Ltd was re-established following a management buyout in November 1991. In 1992 the company celebrated 120 years of engineering in Inverness.
Corporate NameA.I. Welders Ltd
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