Person NameAlexander Fraser & Co.; Inverness; merchants
ActivityAlexander Fraser (1746-1818), was the son of John Fraser of Struy and Janet Ross. He was schoolmaster at Leys and Knockbain, c 1781-1786, and at Raining's School c 1788-1790. He married Annabella Munro (1760-1827) on 19th July 1780. Together they had ten children of whom six survived. By 1793 Alexander was in business with his brother William in Castle Street, Inverness, as a merchant with interests in brewing, shipping, 'mealing', tar, wool, slates, coal, herring, thread manufacturing and timber. In 1818 Alexander Fraser died and was succeeded in business by his son John. John Fraser (1795-1852) attended Inverness Royal Academy from 1804 and Kings College, Aberdeen, from 1807 to 1812. He spent a year in a London counting house and returned to the Highlands in 1813. In 1818 he took over his father's business and it was under his management that the company became Alexander Fraser and Co. He also operated the Inverness agency for the Perth Banking Company from 1818 to 1826. In the early 1820's he married Lilias Fraser of Kirkhill and they had seven children. Lilias Fraser died in either 1834 or 1835 and John emigrated to Canada in 1837 where he then married Selina Torrance of Montreal in 1840. He died in 1852 from injuries sustained in an accident. He had been a devout Presbyterian and later member of the Free Church, and was also deeply involved in local church affairs. He played a leading role in several charities and was Provost of Inverness 1834-1836.
Corporate NameAlexander Fraser & Co.
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