Person NameFraser; Alexander Garden (1803-1883); minister of the Church of Scotland and Free Church
ForenamesAlexander Garden
Epithetminister of the Church of Scotland and Free Church
ActivityAlexander Fraser (1804-1883), was born in 1804 and educated at the Royal Academy, Inverness, and the University of Edinburgh. He was licensed by the Presbytery of Inverness in 1827 and ordained to Cawdor in 1828. In 1843 he joined the Free Church and became minister of the Free Church, Kirkhill, Inverness, where he remained until 1883. He visited Canada and America with a deputation of the Free Church in 1856 in order to assist Highland colonists in organising congregations. He was chaplain to the Highland Brigade in the Crimean War in 1854 and died in 1883 at Kirkhill, Inverness, in the Synod of Moray. His grandfather and father before him had been ministers at Kirkhill for 110 years, collectively.
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