Person NameSt Ninian’s Episcopal Church; 1690-; Saltburn Road, Invergordon
EpithetSaltburn Road, Invergordon
ActivityThe Scottish Episcopal Church has been independent since 1690. It developed from the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland and the arguments at the Reformation over the power of bishops in the reformed church. A period of establishing and abandoning episcopacy throughout the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries came to a head at the time of the 1688 Revolution, when the Church of Scotland was established without bishops. As there were existing Scottish bishops, who were loyal to James II (1603-1701), a separate Episcopal church was established. Many Episcopalians maintained their allegiance to James III (the Old Pretender, 1688-1766) and then to Charles Edward Stuart (the Young Pretender, 1720-1788) in the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745. The 1712 Act of Toleration allowing them to use the Church of England Book of Common Prayer was not always accepted by the Episcopalians and many insisted on using the old Scottish prayerbook of 1637, which did not include prayers for the Hanoverian kings. Because of their perceived sympathy for the Jacobites they were not allowed full freedom of meeting and religion until after the death of Charles Edward Stuart. Clergy were not attached to specific parishes and numbers were very low until a revival, influenced by the High Church Oxford Movement, occurred in the 1830s. Now (2001) with seven sees and a Primus elected from amongst the seven bishops, the Episcopal Church remains independent, though a part of the Anglican Communion.
Corporate NameSt Ninian’s Episcopal Church
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