Person NameChurch of Scotland, Presbytery of Inverness; 1593-1935
ActivityThe Church of Scotland originated as the Scottish branch of the Universal Church and may trace its roots back to Ninian or Columba. The Church was reformed in August 1560 into a Protestant church in the Calvinist tradition by the Reformation Parliament which denied papal authority, forbade the celebration of mass and approved a Protestant Confession of Faith. The Church of Scotland is organised by a Presbyterian system introduced by John Knox (c 1514-1572) in the 'First Book of Discipline' (1560) and ratified by Act of Parliament in 1592. It is governed by a hierarchical structure of courts consisting of Kirk Sessions, Presbyteries, Synods and General Assemblies. The Articles of Union, 1707, protected the Church of Scotland and safeguarded its Presbyterian structure. Subsequent secessions, most notably the Disruption of 1843, lead to divisions within the Church of Scotland. The breakaway groups continued, however, to claim adherence to the common traditions and standards of the Church of Scotland and by 1929 the majority had found reconciliation with the Church of Scotland. The Presbytery of Inverness was active by 1593. The records begin in 1632.
Corporate NameChurch of Scotland, Presbytery of Inverness
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