Person NameWilson and Sons (Dundee) Ltd; animal foodstuff manufacturers, Dundee
Epithetanimal foodstuff manufacturers, Dundee
ActivityWilson and Sons (Dundee ) Ltd., Caledonian Mills, Dundee, was established in 1861 by John Wilson (d 1889) who purchased a flour mill from the firm of James and John Croll located at the junction of Peep O'Day Lane and Dock Street. This mill became the Caledonian Oil Mill and produced linseed cake. His father Robert Wilson (d 1881) later joined him in the venture. In 1862 Walter Scott joined the partnership and the company became Wilson and Scott. Scott left the partnership five years later. In 1872 the company purchased an additional mill in St Andrews known as Abbey Mill. In 1876 the Caledonian Oil Mill, which periodically flooded at high tide, was sold and Dens spinning mill in Blackscroft was bought from Malcolm Ogilvie and Co. Ltd and the machinery was transferred. At the end of the nineteenth century Abby Mill was sold to St Andrews School for Girls Co. Ltd. Robert Wilson died in 1881 and three years later John Wilson's brother David joined the company. In 1889 John Wilson died and his widow Helen replaced him as a partner. In 1896 Helen Wilson bought out David's share in the firm following his losses in speculations on the linseed market. The youngest son of Helen and John Wilson, Guthrie Wilson (d 1957), joined the business in 1900. In 1918 the partnership of Helen and Guthrie was dissolved and the company registered as a limited company Wilson and Sons (Dundee) Ltd. Helen Wilson died on 8 February 1929 and her shares were divided amongst her family. She was replaced as director by Robert Duff, owner of Donald Reich and Co., dealers in lime, manures etc. He died in 1949 and was replaced by Guthrie Baxter Wilson and John Easson. In 1961 the company celebrated its centenary by which time it produced a variety of animal feed products.
Corporate NameWilson and Sons (Dundee) Ltd
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