Person NameDundee City Council, Public Relations Department; 1995-
ActivityDundee City Council was formed in 1995 under the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994 (c. 39). It inherited most of the functions of Tayside Regional Council and of Dundee District Council. Water and sewerage were removed entirely from local government, however, and transferred to water and sewerage authorities whose members were appointed by central government. The children’s reporter system was transferred to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, and provision for tourism was transferred to area tourist boards. Other services were to be delivered by joint arrangements. In the case of the police and fire services, these were detailed in the Act. The Act also provided for orders to be made by the Secretary of State for joint arrangements for valuation and structure planning. Many other such arrangements have been entered into voluntarily by the authorities themselves. After an initial lead-in period of a year the new councils took over in 1996. The area of Dundee City Council had a population of * in 1999.
Corporate NameDundee City Council, Public Relations Department
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