Person NameManagers of the Burgh of Dundee; 1830-1831
ActivityBy 1830 the Town Council of Dundee had got into financial trouble and an interlocutor of the Court of Session, dated 11 March 1830, ordered the appointment of Managers of the Burgh of Dundee. The Town Council was thereby suspended and the managers became responsible for managing the 'ordinary affairs of the burgh' in their place. A group of merchants and one manufacturer of the burgh were appointed as managers and the first meeting was held on 16 March 1830. However on 17 August 1830 the members of the suspended Town Council met in order to send a commissioner to Forfar for the election of an Member of Parliament, as they were bound by law to do. During the meeting, William Lindsay, one of the Managers of the Burgh appeared and read a protest to the effect that the meeting of the Councillors was illegal because there was 'in fact no magistrates or town council of Dundee in existence'. By 21 August 1831 the Town Council had been reinstated.
Corporate NameManagers of the Burgh of Dundee
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