Person NameDundee Gaol Commissioners; 1834-1837
ActivityThe Dundee Gaol Act, 1834 (4 & 5 Will. 4. c. 81), established the appointment of the Magistrates and Town Councillors as Gaol Commissioners for the erection of a gaol in Dundee. Prior to this prisoners were held in the Town House of the Burgh. The Gaol Commissioners were empowered to build a gaol on Lower Chapelshade Gardens, Dundee. The Police Commissioners were to contribute £6000 in view of the fact that the Dundee Police Commissioner's Act, 1824 (5 Geo., c. 129) had empowered them to build a bridewell or prison. The Police Commissioners had not built a prison and were therefore compelled to contribute to that built by the Gaol Commissioners. The Gaol Commissioners were empowered to assess all inhabited houses and other buildings and to make an annual assessment roll. The prison was completed in June 1837 at a cost of £26, 130 and was handed over to the Magistrates and Town Council of Dundee. 92 prisoners were transferred from the Town House to the new gaol in July 1837. The prison closed on 7 August 1927.
Corporate NameDundee Gaol Commissioners
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