Person NameHospitals of Dundee and Johnston's Bequest; 1567-
ActivityFollowing the Reformation, the Hospital of Dundee, which was run by the Church for the care of poor people, and the Church lands and rents became the property of the Crown. A Charter by Mary, Queen of Scots, April 1567, granted the Hospital and Church lands and rents, called 'Our Foundation of the Ministry and Hospital of Dundee' to the Provost, Bailies, Council and community of Dundee. James VI confirmed this by a charter of 16 January 1601 and further disponed to the Town Council of Dundee the whole vicarage of the Church and Parish of Dundee with all teinds, fruits, rents, profits, etc, for the purpose of paying the ministers of the burgh and also to support the Hospital of Dundee. Both charters were confirmed by Charles I on 14 September 1641. The Hospital of Dundee additionally benefitted from several bequests including that of Robert Johnston of London, by his last will and testament 30 September 1639. Robert Johnston bequeathed £1,000 to the Town Council of Dundee for the yearly maintenance of the aged and impotent people of Dundee. This mortification was used to purchase various properties which were used for the benefit of the Hospital. By eighteenth century the funds of the Foundation and of the Burgh had become mixed up. The minister of the Parish of Dundee was paid a stipend from the parish teinds whereas the two other ministers were paid by the magistrates and town council from both the ordinary revenue of the burgh and from the Hospital Fund. The ministers brought an action against the Town Council to complain that they were not being paid enough. On March 1855 the Court of Session appointed Cosmo Innes to examine the relevant documents and to sort out the matter. On 18 March 1858 the Court of Session pronounced the findings and sorted out the Foundation property from the Burgh property. In 1860 an action was raised by the trustees of Robert Johnston against the Town Council for not using the mortification in the specified way. On 24 July 1861 the Magistrates and Town Council lodged an appeal to the House of Lords and the original judgement of the Court of Session was confirmed. On 13 November 1861 the remit to Cosmo Innes was renewed in order that further details be worked out. By the 'Dundee Churches and Hospital Act', 1864, the mortifications vested in and were administered by the Provost, magistrates and Town Council of Dundee. Property to the amount of £445, 912 of the Hospital Trust and £16,812 of Johnston's bequest. The Act stated that the Town Council repay to the Town Council as trustees of the Hospital those sums expended from the Hospital Fund which should have come from the burgh funds. £1000 was to be paid to the trustees of Johnston's Charity.
Corporate NameHospitals of Dundee and Johnston's Bequest
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