Person NameCurr Night Refuge; 1882-
ActivityCurr Night Refuge was established in 1822 as a temporary shelter to the homeless situated in West Bell Street, Dundee. It was a Trust funded by annual subscriptions and special donations, including donations from Dundee Town Council. The refuge aimed to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry and to raise the fallen. A night's shelter was provided in dormitories along with supper and breakfast. The superintendant of the refuge held worship with the residents every night and discussed with each their spriritual welfare. The refuge also undertook to return runaway boys to their parents and to find work and lodgings for men and women. The first superintendant and matrom were Mr and Mrs Phinn. In 1974 part of the Curr Night Refuge was leased to the Cyrenian Trust by Dundee Corporation Social Work Department.
Corporate NameCurr Night Refuge
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