Person NameStrathmartine Kirk Session; 1941-; Presbytery of Dundee
EpithetPresbytery of Dundee
ActivityStrathmartine church was formed by the union of Strathmartine and Downfield North on 2 February 1941. Strathmartine church is in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns until the abolition of synods in 1992.Downfield NorthDownfield (Established Church) began life as a mission in Downfield established in 1884. A church was erected in 1893 for the mission which was erected a congregation in 1912 when the parish was disjoined from Mains and Strathmartine. In 1929 Downfield (Established Church) became Downfield North church.StrathmartineIn 1844 Mains and Strathmartine Free charge was sanctioned and a church built in 1845. Mains and Strathmartine Free became Mains and Strathmartine United Free in 1900 and Strathmartine in 1929.StrathmartineOn 2 February 1941 Strathmartine united with Downfield North to form Downfield Strathmartine church. The Strathmartine church was retained and the Downfield North buildings were converted into parish halls by the National Church Extension Committee and subsequently sold and demolished in 1993. Downfield Strathmartine church changed its name to Strathmartine in 1960.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameStrathmartine Kirk Session
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