Person NameSt James' Kirk Session; 1837-1988; Presbytery of Dundee
EpithetPresbytery of Dundee
ActivityOn 5 February 1837, the Second Relief Congregation was opened under Dysart Relief Church Presbytery. The congregation had begun as an offshoot of the church later known as Dudhope Crescent Road Church. The first minister was inaugurated in 1838. The members met temporarily in the Mason Lodge Hall, Murraygate, the Sailors' Hall, Union Street (during which time they were sanctioned as a congregation), the Caledonian Hall, Castle Street and the Watt Institution. They leased the Old English Chapel in Nethergate from June 1840. This building was offered for sale in 1844 and the Second Relief Congregation decided to erect their own place of worship. The new church at the corner of Bell street and Euclid Crescent was opened on 27 April 1845 and became known as James' church. In 1904 it was sold and a new church built in Arklay Street was opened on 13 June 1906. James' United Presbyterian Church became James' United Free in 1900, Clepington United Free in 1906, St James' in 1929 and was dissolved on 30 September 1988 after failure to agree on a union with Clepington church.St James' church was in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns, until its dissolution in 1988.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameSt James' Kirk Session
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