Person NameBonnethill Kirk Session; 1870-1978; Presbytery of Dundee
EpithetPresbytery of Dundee
ActivityOn 30 November 1870 a church was opened to house the congregation of the mission, conducted by Hilltown church, which had previously met in a hall on Bonnethill. In 1872 the Bonnethill Free church was sanctioned. A hall was enlarged in 1887, and further halls added in 1889 and 1892. The church was renovated in 1901. As a result of population decline in the area following World War II, the church was dissolved in 1978.Bonnethill church was in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns, until its dissolution in 1978.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameBonnethill Kirk Session
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